7 Signs Women Often Misinterpret From Men


       A woman is bound to get mixed signals a man she has a crush on, especially if he pays her a bit of attention.
She’s bound to misread these signals as a response from the man she’s hugely attracted to, though he doesn’t feel the same way.
Inspired by Times of India, here are few signs women often misinterpret
1. He tells you everything about himself: He may confide in you because he feels he can trust you to keep his secret safe. It doesn’t mean he wants to date you.
2. He says you both have a lot in common: Like minds attract, so it’s unusual to have common interest with him. Don not read too much meaning into the similarities
3. He loves to tease you: People often say it means he likes you, but it’s advisable to wait and see how he’s like with other females.
4. He laughs at your jokes: Doesn’t matter if they are funny or not. It still doesn’t mean he actually interested.
5. He’s always there for you: The fact a man is always at your beck and call doesn’t mean he wants to date you. He may just be doing these favors as a friend.
6. He says he wants ‘someone like you’: This could mean he like you. But saying he wants ‘someone like you’ may mean he wants someone else with your attributes.
7. He’s always gives a listening ear: He may just be a friend trying to ease your stress by listening to you rant. Just the same way one of your closest friends would


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