5 wardrobe essentials every fashion girl should have


That awkward moment when you look in your closet and it seems like you have got absolutely nothing to wear! Where did all the clothes go?
The key to an endless wardrobe isn’t owning all the clothes in the world, but strategically buying clothes that can be styled in all sorts of ways without it looking like you’ve over-worn it. Here are 5 wardrobe essentials every stylish girl should own:
A White Camisole
And a black one as well…you will be surprised how essential these are! It comes in super handy when wearing a see through top, can be worn under a neckline that’s too low, thrown on under a nice jacket, and you can easily spice a cami over a pair of jeans, some heels and a good statement necklace. The possibilities are endless with a cami! GET ONE


A Nude Pair Of Heels
Haven’t you heard? Nude is the new black! It’s a versatile colour and goes with just about any outfit, drift away from the same old black and wear a nude pair of heels.


A Plain Off Shoulder Top
A plain off shoulder top can work wonders! It instantaneously shows some skin and makes an otherwise casual outfit look very dressy. Wear with a pair of jeans, midi skirts, sneakers….just about anything!

The Little Black Dress
We are pretty sure you have heard about this a thousand times, but it’s the truth! The little black dress is an ultimate wardrobe essential. You can re-rock an LBD in many different ways without onlookers suspecting it’s the same one. Thank us later *wink


A Midi Skirt
The fabulousity of a Midi Skirt (of the flare variety) cannot be over emphasized! Its cute, glamorous, and amps up an outfit in a milli-second. Get a plain or print one and watch your outfit transform.




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