Sex Side Effects : 3 surprising things that can happen anytime you have sex

There are a few things most men and women know they are risking when having sex, such as Sexually Transmitted Diseases, infections, or unwanted pregnancy and a lot of people have made their peace with that. But, new research have shown that there are more side effects to sex than we think.
These three, recently revealed, effect of sex are pretty surprising;
1. Heightened Sense of Smell:


According to a recently published study, when you orgasm, your body releases an hormone called prolactin, which causes stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the olfactory bulb (the part of your brain that handles smell). This means that your sense of smell after you orgasm is about 400% greater than it normally is.
2. Post Sex Blues:


It is often said that sex is like a feel-good drug, meaning that it leaves you with feelings of euphoria and relaxation, but some women are not so lucky. A recent research has shown that some women suffer from “post-sex blues “. The researchers explained that this condition is characterised by tearfulness, a sense of melancholy/depression, anxiety, agitation or aggression following sexual intercourse.

3. Memory Loss:


While this is a rarer side effect of sex, it is still a possibiility. The Journal of Emergency Medicine published a story about a woman who showed up at a hospital, unable to recall the last 24 hours of her life. She, however, recalled that her amnesia began immediately after she had sex.


She was experiencing something called Transient Global Amnesia. Sex can cause this condition. People who suffer from this only suffer the temporary memory loss and this resolves itself in a few hours.



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