Sex and Love: 4 ways for couples to escape boring sex (MUST READ)


So you find your sex life has become very predicatable and is becoming boring. Here are some pro tips with very simple ideas to help you break the spell.
1. Change your location


When we find ourselves in long-term relationships it is easy to get used to only having sex on our bedroom bed. A small change like focusing on sex in the shower or even on the kitchen counter can go a long way to changing our routine.

2. Change the initiator


In most relationship there is one person that initiates the sex most of the time. This routine gives our sex life a pattern that might require a shift in power to change. You will be surprised the sexual desires that can be sparked from simply changing who instigates sex. Perhaps you might want to talk to your partners about this.
3. Play some sex games


The reason children have more fun than adults is because they play a lot. As adults we have to work but what about if we took playing back to the bedroom? The internet is filled with suggestions of so many sex games you can play to bring some fun into your sex life.

4. Change timing


Timing is everything. If you only have sex at night, then your sex will typically go the same way. Switch it up and try sex in the morning, or even in the evening before dinner. Little changes like this go a long way in breaking boring routines.

5. Change partner


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