Ladies Only : Check Out 5 Ways To Make Your Braids Last Longer


Steph Coker in black top.
Just because braids are made to withstand time to some extent, does not mean you should fix one on your hair and completely forget about it. There are a few tips you should know for keeping your braids beautiful and also for maintaining the health of your hair.
1. Relaxing: It is important that you do not fix your braids immediately after you have put relaxers on your hair. These chemicals are made to temporary weaken the hair and if you subject it to the tough braids, you could end up breaking your hair.
2. Keep it clean: After fixing your braids, do make sure you take time out, every couple of weeks to clean it. If unsure of how to do this, you can visit your stylist.
3. Keep it dry. If your hair gets wet, perhaps after a swim or if you were beaten by rain, make sure you get it dry as soon as you can. Do not let wetness settle in between the braids. You can use a portable hair drier to do this.
4, Do not scratch: Due to the fact that the root of your hair and your most of your scalp is exposed when carrying braids, they could get damaged if you keep attacking them with your nails. Instead gently pat itchy areas.
5. Oil: It is also very important to keep your braids moisturized. This does not mean you attack it with hair cream everyday, as this will only cause more harm. All you need to do is apply the cream to your scalp about twice a week to prevent dryness.
Finally, do ensure that you take out of you braids as soon as it is due. Even though all still looks good, your hair still needs regular breaks.



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