5 awesome qualities women appreciate in men


There’s more to being a man than just the tall, dark and handsome attributes most women love to write on their list.

Inspired by Times Of India, here are some rare qualities women appreciate in men.
1. Sense of humor: A depressed man cannot get the attention of a woman. Women love men with sense of humor, they make good company on a sad day.

2. Nice smile, eye bat: Women absolutely adore men with nice smile and sexy wink. A smile or wink directed at your woman will make her feel extra special.


3. Grooming: You don’t have to wear the best designer clothes to look good. Grooming yourself is way beyond that. You make a good impression on a women when you know how to take good care of yourself.

4. Calmness: Women are touchy and emotional which is why most of them fall for their opposites – the cool and calm guy. A man who knows the right words to say when his woman is in a hyper mood will surely have her heart.

5. Being in touch with your emotional side: Showing affection and care whenever the need arises would put a smile on a woman’s face more than anything else.
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