Not Ordinary : Police Corporal allegedly commits suicide after missing promotion exam


A police corporal attached to the Safer High Way Patrol of of the Lagos State Police Command, identified as Corporal Elias Agi, has reportedly committed suicide after he missed and assessment examination that would have ensured his promotion to the rank of a sergeant.

According to witnesses, the lifeless bodyof the police officer was discovered at the premises of the Police Training School (PTS), Ikeja, inside his car, with empty cans of pesticide and some tablets, suspected to have been taken by him.

It was gathered that Agi who lived in Badagri, was part of officers undergoing a promotional course that ended on Monday, November 9, but was trapped in traffic on his way and when he got to the PTS, he discovered that the assessment exam conducted by the State Commissioner of Police was over and all his pleas to the examiners to conduct another one for him fell on deaf ears.

Distraught at missing the exam, Agi reportedly put a call to his wife, telling her not to expect him back at home again. Few minutes later, he called her again to come to the Training School to pick his corpse.

One of his course mates said:

“We have been here together since Friday on a training course. Yesterday, Elias was coming from his division in Badagry when he got trapped in traffic, which resulted in his missing the assessment exams.

He begged the officer in charge to help him but they told him it was late and there was nothing they could do because it was the Commissioner of Police, CP Fatai Owoseni, that conducted the assessment exam.”

Another colleague who knew him intimately, frowned at his decision to kill himself:

“Even if he missed the assessment exams, that is not enough reason for him to take his life. His death is not ordinary.

Elias was comfortable. He had two cars: an SUV and the Passsat in which he died and two houses in different parts of Lagos. He did not even think of his family, his wife and two children.”



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