MUST SEE :For Ladies Who Achieve And Maintain Their Ideal Weight


many women still fail to achieve or maintain their ideal weight. With a host of various diet plans and workout routines, Ever wondered how slim girls can’t put on weight, though they eat whatever they want? Or, how many women maintain their dream weight? Every time you stroll into the kitchen do you find yourself craving just every food you see? It’s a warning sign you need to revise your eating and lifestyle habits. Check out some of the most common habits of girls who achieve and maintain their ideal weight.

1. Cook at home

I don’t mean boiling, frying, grilling, baking, whatever, all day long. There are many diet-friendly and quick and easy to make meals that don’t require lots of time and effort. When you eat homemade meals, you know what you put in them. Slim girls choose healthy ingredients and make healthy meals at home, no matter how busy they are. Salads don’t take much time to prepare so throw away your processed energy bars.

2. Eyeball portions

Girls who maintain their ideal weight don’t count calories because they learnt how to eyeball portions. Unless you’ve been tracking your calorie intake for several years, try to watch your food intake for a while. Not only will you get rid of the overeating habit, you will also master the art of mindful eating. Counting calories isn’t fun. However, regardless of your lifestyle and where you eat, it’s crucial for an ideal weight.

3. No starvation

Starvation has never helped anyone to lose weight and you are no exception. Starving yourself to death – is that what you want? If you can’t drop or maintain weight, look for a true reason, don’t seek the easiest yet dangerous ways. You should fuel your body with all the essential nutrients it needs. Don’t skip any of the main meals and snack on healthy foods. If you want to eat all the time, check your protein intake. Nutrient deficiencies may lead to serious health issues.

4. Drink up

Everyone is constantly telling you this. I’m telling you this. Now, how many gla$$es of plain water do you have each day? One or two? Just because you drink coffee, tea, soda or cocktails doesn’t mean you give your body enough liquid to function properly. Drinking water helps you shed pounds and stay energized to work your body.

5. Strict diets lead to nowhere

Slim girls usually don’t stick to any diet plans. They just eat healthy and in moderation. Following one stict diet won’t help you lose weight. Even if it will, you won’t be able to follow the same terrible diet the whole life, not to mention that maintaining your weight will be even harder. When it comes to dieting, it’s vital to be flexible with your eating plan and add corrections to it once in a while.

6. Track the progress

Successful people have to-do lists, datebooks and anything that helps them track their success. When loosing weight, you need to do the same. You should plan your day, plan your meals, plan your workout routine and watch what helps you and what you should avoid. Food and exercise journals can make your tracking process easier. Don’t weigh yourself each day. Do it once a month to see your results.
7. Stay consistent

Girls who know how to lose and maintain their ideal weight have a tendency to stay consistent. They don’t jump from one eating plan to another. They don’t make drastic changes and big leap. They adopt lifetime habits like getting enough sleep each night, exercising daily and eating healthy whenever they go.

8. They have no excuses

Bad weather, red week, headache, bad mood, depression, a lack of motivation… we have so many excuses not to exercise. We pity ourselves, skip workouts and munch on high calorie foods when we feel down thinking we deserve it right now. Then, we wonder why it takes so long and we’re not thin yet. Slim girls have no excuses, except serious disease. Beat your excuses and turn over a new leaf. Start living life without excuses.

9. Don’t believe in diet myths

Who said we can’t eat after 7 pm? Who said we can’t work out in the afternoon? Who said dieters must eat only rabbit foods? Believing in diet myths is a surefire way to torture yourself and destroy your ideal weight. If you feel hungry before bedtime, head to the kitchen and indulge yourself into a healthy snack. If you want to eat a cupcake, treat yourself to one once in a while. Slim girls eat whatever they want but they do it in moderation and they exercise whenever they want and wherever they are.

10. Emotion control

Stress has a huge effect on our bodies. Some people drop weight drastically while others put on weight and can’t lose it. If your eating plan and exercise routine bring no results, pay attention to your stress levels. Learn how to control your emotions and stay calm in a stressful situation. This way, you will maintain your ideal weight or shed those unwanted pounds faster.

Girls who have ever dieted know that an ideal weight isn’t permanent and lost pounds often return, which is why developing lifetime habits is a must. Don’t be hard on yourself though. You deserve little treats too. Remember, everything requires time, effort and some sacrifices. I’m sure you will be able to live your life without chips, soda and any other type of fast food. What are your eating and exercise habits?



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