INCREDIBLE: Bad Roomate Leaks Her Friends Un Clothed Picture


One wise saying goes “bad company corrupts good manners” while another indicates that it is better to be alone than in bad company. We won’t mention names, because the lady in question is running from pillar to post to get all her pictures away from the prying eye of people and clean her slate for the future.


This university lady trusted her roommate while posing and playing around in their hostel,  to the extent that she got carried away and took a few revealing photos wearing nothing at all. Unknowing to her, her roommate had far greater intentions to do damage, and she went as far as showing these private pictures to her boyfriend whom further went ahead and forwarded it to everyone. Somehow along the line, the picture got posted for the whole world to see.

A little warning to you ladies, be careful of the images you share with friends.

These are not photoshopped images


Click to see Nuude Photo 1

Click to See Nuude Photo 2

Click to See Nuude Photo 3


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