Floyd Mayweather Is Squandering Money On Nuude Girls Photos



Do you know why the Black Man still remains a Black Monkey and like a mugu to the White Man? This is one of such clear example. When an average white man makes money, he thinks of how to make society better. The one who hasn’t made money thinks of how to invent something to better society.

But when an average black man makes money, the first thing that comes to his HEAD is party and $ex. If he has no money, he thinks of drugs or 419 to make money. When will blacks ever be wise?

Floyd Mayweather says, “My Life is the sh*t“. See more photos from his party with the girls



We are in 2015, yet no black man has been able to stay in his country and invent anything meaningful that the entire world can use and benefit from. We really need to change our perspective to money. Sad!


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