CCT Cannot Jail Saraki Even If Found Guilty They Can Only Ban Him


The embattled Senate President, Bukola Saraki’s false a$$et declaration case with the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) has generated immense general interest due to the intrigues surrounding the trial.

While Saraki hops from one court to the other with a view to stopping the CCT from trying him, many are yet unsure what could happen to him if he fails to stop the Tribunal. sought clarifications with a protege of the late Legal Icon, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Barrister Yinka Muyiwa on the issues surrounding the Saraki case.

On the lawyers who walked out on the CCT, what is the implication of walking out on the trial?

Nobody is too sure of what happened in court. some people are saying they formally withdrew from the case. We don’t know what really happened so it would be quite difficult to make comments. If they withdrew, they cannot call it a withdrawal because they took leave of the court before they withdrew and once they have withdrawn from the case, they do not owe the court any responsibility to be there again. I want to believe that is what happened because thereafter, according to newspaper reports, Saraki pleaded for more time to get a new lawyer and the Judge granted him just one week to get another lawyer so I dont think it was a walk out.

On the trials itself, some people are saying Saraki is being persecuted politically . Do you agree?

There is nothing political there and even if it is, he should answer the charge, that’s the important thing. I don’t see anything political there.

What would happen to Saraki if the CCT finds him guilty as charged?

The Tribunal cannot send him to jail or ask him to do any prison term. What they can do is to ban him from political office. Their laws specifically states what they can do.

If they ban him from political office, does that mean he would be removed as Senate President?

Yes he would be removed. They can even say that he can not contest any elections for the next five years. It’s not just his Senate presidency that is at stake here, he can cease to be a Senator if found guilty


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