Why Women Make Noise During S€x? See The Real Truth


Guys, maybe you think that she’s
moaning and screaming because
you’re such a great lover – you’re
pounding away inside her, she’s
having a mind-blowing orgasm.
Sorry, think again. That’s not why
women are so noisy in bed,
according to the findings of a
British study. Over 85 percent of
women make lots of noise simply to
boost their partner’s se.x self-
esteem, the study found.
The researchers asked over 70
heteros.exual women whether they
were more likely to reach orgasm
during masturbation, foreplay, or
intercourse. They also wanted to
know how noisy the women were
during these different se.xual
activities and the reasons wwild…
All of the women in the study said
they made noise in bed, whether it
was screaming out their partner’s
name, telling him to go faster or
harder, or moaning with pleasure.
But the researchers were in for a
surprise when they compared how
noisy women were when they
reached org.asm.
The women were more likely to
climax during foreplay – like when
their partner gave them oral s.ex –
compared to intercourse. And it
wasn’t when they were coming that
they were most likely to make nois
When it comes to moaning and
screaming, they made a lot more
noise when they were having s.ex,
right before and during their
partner’s org.asm. Yes, the reason
most women make noise in bed is
to turn on their partner. In fact,
almost 80 percent said they make
noise even when they know there’s
no chance they’re going to reach
org.asm themselves.
All that hollering is mainly to
stroke their guy’s ego. It doesn’t
necessarily mean a girl’s in ecstasy.
In fact, it could mean just the
opposite. Women also say that
moans and screams are one way to
hurry s.ex along when you’re not
particularly enjoying it.
Yup, women can and do use their
voice to control how their guy feels
during s.ex and when he climaxes,
the researchers conclude. And why
do they do it? To ‘manipulate male
behavior to their advantage’.
Boosting her guy’s s.ex self-esteem
by making lots of noise could help
strengthen the bond between a
woman and her partner, the
researchers hypothesise. But there’s
also the advantage of speeding up a
guy’s org.asm if she’s in pain, just
plain bored, or ready to roll over
and go to sleep.
Subtle signs
So guys, if you really want to please
her, don’t go by the big
performance, look for the subtle
signs of ecstasy. And girls, nice of
you to cheer him on like that, but
don’t forget to show and tell what
really makes you go wild…


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