Guys: 8 Food That Increases Sper*m Count


Here are the foods that can
increase the volume of the sperm
and keep it healthy:
1) Banana: contains an enzyme
called bromelain which controls s*x
hormones and also contains
vitamins like A,B and C which
promote sperm production and
helps the body provide stamina.
2) Garlic: garlic is rich in allicin
which promotes blood circulation
in the genitals and strengthens the
sperm, also with the presence of
vitamin b6 and selenium which
controls the secretion of s*x
hormones and reduces sperm
3) Milk/Yoghurt: boost your calcium
intake with yoghurt, milk and
salmon, these also contain vitamin
D which also helps to increase Fluid
4) Dark Chocolate: dark chocolate
contains an active ingredient L-
arginine HCL, a strong amino acid
that helps to increase Fluid volune
and raise sperm count.
5) Eggs: eggs which helps in
promoting fertility, also increases
sperm count , it also contains
vitamin E which prevents tissue
degenerating of the testicles. Eggs
are also rich in antioxidants that
protects the cell.
6) Chicken/Beef: mineral zinc can
be found in beef and chicken
which increases Fluid volume,
testosterone levels and protects the
sperm from free radicals.
7) Fruits /Vegetables: fruits like
strawberry and oranges which are
rich in antioxidants, increases
sperm motility, prevents Fluid
clumping and improves possibility
of fertilization. Fruits or vegetables
rich in folic acid eg: spinach
strengthens the sperm and prevents
sperm damage.
8) Walnuts: walnut not only rich in
arginine but also rich in omega 3
fatty acids which has been found to
increase sperm count, improve
blood flow, helps in fertility and
also contains antioxidants that
reduces the risk of heart diseases
and protect the body from various
diseases. Lastly….. water which
improves the functioning of sperm
and helps the body to increase
sperm count.
Dope ? Drop your comments


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