If You Are Yet To Try These Best Sex Positions Then You Are Not A Real Man

You cannot achieve the ultimate pleasure without learning the secret to the satisfaction you yearn. Explore these areas with this explosive piece.


Each man has a $ex position that is fitting for his pen*s no matter the size. Knowing the one that fits will help you derive maximum pleasure and satisfaction. No matter the size, every pen*s can do wonders if used properly. Explore these four positions for ultimate pleasure

1. Average sized

The first rule here is to be open minded and realise that a lot of $ex positions are open for you to experiment with. One of the best positions for a man with an average sized pen*s is the “Crouching Dragon”. This position involves the female wrapping her arms and legs around the shoulders and midsection of her male companion. The male is now expected to crouch down in a crouch position that would make his lower body serve as a human chair for the female. The lady can then press her body firmly on her partners while she grinds against him.

There’s a caveat here though, the male should have the strength to carry his female partner especially if she’s on the big side.

2. Big Sized

If you’re a man with a big sized pen*s, you’d have to exercise a lot of patience. Try and spend between 15 to 20 minutes on foreplay to help your female partner’s vagina expand well enough to take you in. You may also want her to use vagina lubricants to aid easy entry. Furthermore, it is advisable for the female to be on top as this gives her the ability to control how deep you go. While on top, the female can lean on the males body while having her hands down in a push up position. This position helps reduce the strain of his size and you may also want him to bend his knees to provide support for your back.

3. Small Sized (Less Than Six Inches)

It’s best for men who measure less than 6 inches to penetrate their partners through the rear. This $ex position provides deep penetration than others. The female should simply rest her head and shoulders on a pillow while having her b*tt raised up with her thighs squeezed together. The tighter the thighs are together, the more the pen*s fits. Also, avoid using lubricants as a small sized pen*s would do better with friction.

4. Curved Shape

The best position for pen*ses which curve slightly to one direction is to have the man stand while the woman lies on the bed. The female should curl herself up ‘like a ball’ while the man penetrate her whole using her shoulders for support. Both you and your partner can look for the position that’s most comfortable and gives maximum pleasure depending on which direction the pen*s bends to while you’re at it.


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