Topic: 20 Hilarious Words Patrick Obahiagbon Use To Deceive Nigerians Everytime


Patrick Obahiagbon, who once represented

Oredo Federal Constituency of Edo state

shot to limelight the moment he arrived the

House of Representatives in 2007 with his

uncanny knack for jaw-breaking


Here is a compilation of the top 20 Jaw

breaking words ever used by the

grammarian and their meanings:

1. Crinkum-crankum – Elaborate or

detailed (archaic)

2. Megalomania – a mental illness or

condition in which somebody has an

exaggerated belief in their own importance

or power.

3. Jiggery-pokery – Tricky,

misrepresentation and manipulation.

4. Mephistophelean – wicked

5. Kakistocracy – Government under the

control of a nation’s worst or least-

qualified citizens

6. Braggadocio – Boost full or arrogant

7. Ratiocination– The forming of judgment

by a process of logical reason

8. Phantasmagoria – a sequence of

imaginary images

9. Gargantuan –extremely large

10. Bugaboo – an object of fear

11. Pooh-pooh – Dismiss as being foolish or


12. Insalubrious – unwholesome and


13. Odoriferous – having an odor.

14. Lugubrious – mournful, sad, dismal

15. Malodorous – smelling very unpleasant

16. Termagant – a woman who is very

strict and who tries to tell people to do

things in an unpleasant way

17. Conundrum – A confusing problem or

question that is too difficult to solve

18. Alacrit – great willingness or


19. Mendacious – Not telling the truth

20. Egregious – Outstandingly bad and



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