A Dozen Tips To Help You Have Great Sex This Weekend


# 1: Make $ex adventurous

When you slip between the sheets with your partner, be a little adventurous. Thinking how to be adventurous? We are here to help. Use the five different $ex acts (like different types of foreplay and vaginal penetration), so that you lady reaches her orgasm at an all time high. Both or*l as well as physical motivation on the boy, generally counts as each separate acts. So, be happy and you use your creativity, to make your $ex exciting.

# 2: Blindfold your lady love

The most important $exual organ in our body is not pen*s or vagina; in fact it is your brain!  It is true. If you want to achieve $exual pleasure then blindfold your lady love. By this method, your partner’s sensory organs will become more aware. As she will not know what you will be doing next you can be her $ex guide.

# 3: Introduce kinky $ex 

Make your $ex session hot, by introducing kinky $ex with your partner. a$$uming that  your lady won’t like it might not be a wise idea as she might just enjoy it.
Women are actually adventurous than images and sometimes they just want release from the girl next door image to something $exy but with their partners only.

# 4: Open up

Be open to your partner and let your partner be open to you. There shouldn’t be any type of communication gap between you and your partner. Keep on sharing your thoughts and ideas with your partner, during, before or after the act. Communication is the only way to understand what your partner likes and enjoys.

# 5: Give her a nice ma$$age

Better $ex is all about sensual touching. You can get your partner excited with a nice sensual body. This sensual touching method will release $ex hormones which will further increase her estrogen level and just make her more pa$$ionate in the bed.

# 6: Strike the ‘turn-on’ spot

If you want to have orgasms during intercourse then opt for a nice rubbing position. Let your lady be on top of you, so that the top of your clitoris is rubbing on your partner’s pubic bone, or just keep a below underneath your b*tt or use a vibrator during intercourse to make your session amazing.

# 7: Maximize your foreplay

Before getting nak*d in front of your partner, dont imagine going for intercourse staright away. Use clitor*l stimulation as the climax. As a guy, gear your lady’s body to achieve an orgasm before intercourse, so that your lady is not struggling during vaginal stimulation. Even if your lady doesn’t get an orgasm early, never give up. Just keep on adding the fun stuffs to aim for a multiple orgasms.

# 8: Maintain some eye contact

Its a sign of confidence and can be quite a turn-on. Try and maintain eye contact during $ex as well as many people find it very exciting. Its a sign of confidence and also shows that you know what you are doing.

# 9: Give some dirty instructions

Tried dirty talking? Then maybe its time that you do. Almost in everyone’s $ex life, there should be always something that they haven’t tried or something that they could have done differently. To overcome this situation, talk about things or acts you haven’t tried or you would like to try with your partner and get dirty. Dont aim big and start small like sending dirty texts or images.

# 10: Do some kitchen techniques

There are some foods available in your kitchen which can just pump you up to have  etter $ex. Include foods which have arginine like oysters, fish and lean proteins as all these foods act like Viagra. Besides, these foods are good for you in many ways as they are high in antioxidants as well.

# 11: Exercise your ‘$ex’ muscles

Exercise your pelvic muscles to transform your normal $ex life into a hot $ex life. The best exercise for women is kegels. Do kegels every day by first locating your pelvic floor and then stopping yourself from peeing midway and then tone your muscles by clenching them when you are not peeing.

# 12: Start by playing with her BR*ASTS

Your lady’s nipples are directly connected to her clitoris mand it can turn her on immediatley. Play with your partner’s BR*ASTS and you will be surprised how excited she gets.


– IndiaTimes



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