4 Things You Should Tell Yourself Everyday


Every human being has an inner negative
that is constantly reflecting on different
types of thoughts—positive and negative
—throughout everyday.
Many of us allow that inner dialogue to
run on autopilot without actively
monitoring or influencing the thoughts
that pass through our minds. But allowing
your inner dialogue to run on autopilot is
exactly the opposite of how you want to
run your life.
If you want to live out your dreams, take
control of your destiny, and fulfill that
future of happiness, compassion, love,
and success that you’ve always
envisioned, the first step you need to take
is using positive affirmations to take
control of your inner dialogue.
4 Things You Should Tell
Yourself Everyday
You want to make sure that the thoughts
passing through your mind are mostly
positive instead of negative.
The following are four affirmations that
will not only improve the quality of your
thoughts, but will also send you on your
way to creating that happy and
successful future you know you deserve.
       #1: “Today I Promise To Do
Whatever It Takes For My
Happiness, Success, And
The only person who can make you happy
—the only one who truly knows what your
life is missing and can make your
happiness a reality—is you.
Think back to a time in your life when you
were depressed, stressed, feeling down-
and-out, and dismayed. Who busted you
out of your sadness? At that time, who
was it that took the necessary steps—like
asking for help, exercising, meditating,
volunteering, or taking some time off from
work—to get yourself out of that slump? It
was you! Right?
The only person who can make you
happy is you.
And on the flipside of that, the only
person who has the power to make you
successful is also you. The only human
being in the whole universe can transform
your visions, your plans, your goals, your
ideas, and your dreams into reality is you.
You are unique. There is only one you. So
if you want to make your dreams come
true, it’s on you to put in the hard work,
discipline, man-hours, and dedication to
accomplish your goals.
No other human being has the ability to
take the necessary steps to create that
fantastic life that you’re envisioning in the
back of your mind.
That’s why every single day when you
wake up and look in the mirror, you
should say yourself: “Today I Promise To
Do Whatever It Takes For My Happiness,
Success, And Future”
No one can make your greatness real
except you. That’s why you have to make
a lifelong promise to yourself that you will
do whatever it takes to make that happy,
successful, and extraordinary future that
you deserve a reality.
Remind yourself of that promise every
single day.
       #2: “Today I am Grateful For
Who I Am, What I Have,
Where I’ve Been And Where
I’m Going.”
There is no emotion more powerful,
happiness-boosting, or essential for
success than gratitude. Optimistic
mentalities, feelings of pure joy, world-
changing careers, and healthy
relationships cannot exist without a
foundation of an attitude of gratitude and appreciation.
Practicing gratitude is a powerful and proven way to create more positive outcome in your life.
More often than not, feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, and pessimism about your future, originate from an inability or
lack of effort to feel grateful for the
circumstances of your life. So whenever you’re feeling down, you have to remember that no matter how terrible your life might seem—no matter how much it
feels like the world is crashing down all around you— there will always be someone else out there who has it worse than you.
Consider the facts that there are people in your life that care about you, that you’ve made positive strides towards your goals
in the past, that you still have your health, and that you’re still alive—that the universe gave you this opportunity to walk
on this earth and make positive change in the lives of others.
Even if you can’t see it right now, you’ve got so much going on in your life to be grateful for. And no matter how bad you have it, there is always some individual
out there who went through worse pain than you and came out with a smile on their face.
Gratitude is the key to feeling truly
fulfilled on a daily basis; finding the
courage and optimism necessary to overcome huge adversity; creating healthy relationships; and building a deep sense of passion and love for yourself, your family, your friends, your past, your
present, and your future.
If you want to live an awesome life, you have to start with an attitude of gratitude.
So each morning when you wake up, you should say this to yourself: “I am Grateful
For Who I Am, What I Have, Where I’v Been, And Where I’m Going.”
Make a habit of expressing gratitude for the circumstances of your life everyday by
repeating this affirmation. It’s a mentality that will make you happier, more successful, more resilient through pain, and more attractive to other people.
       #3: “The Opinions Of Others
Will Not Sway Me. I Will Live
My Dreams.”
We live on a planet populated by over seven billion human beings: seven billion opinions, seven billion beliefs, seven billion ideas, seven billion mindsets, and seven billion agendas. So no matter how
strong-willed, opinionated, or independent you are, it is impossible to live out your
life or make progress on your dreams without being affected in some way by the opinions of others. As you write down your goals, set deadlines for your dreams, and put in the
work necessary to make your visions real, there will most definitely be others who
don’t think your dreams hold value. There will most certainly be people who not only doubt your ability to be successful, but also question whether your goals are worth chasing in the first place. Some ofyour closest family and friends may even pull you aside to talk you out of spending any more time going after your dream. With so many different voices trying to
convince you that their way is right and your way is wrong, it is super important for you to dedicate some time out of your day to repeating this affirmation: “The
Opinions Of Others Will Not Sway Me. I Will Live My Dreams.”
Repeating this affirmation will help you convince yourself that living your dreams is a must, not an option. It will give you the conviction you need to stay true to
your path to greatness—even when
everyone around you is telling you to choose a different career.
      #4: “Today I Will Not Be A
Victim. I Am In Control Of My
Destiny.” So many of the circumstances that we
enter this life with—the parents that give life to us, the locations where they raise us, the financial circumstances we grow
up with, and the God-given abilities that the universe endows us with—are out of our control.
With so much out of our control, it’s very easy to feel like a victim.
It’s easy to just accept that things are they way they are and there’s nothing you can do to change them. But that attitude of being a victim is a losing approach for
interpreting your situation.
Because no matter how many awful, terrible, misfortunate, or tragic circumstances are working against you, you are always in control of your destiny. You may not have control over the
circumstances you come into this life with. But—no matter who you are or where you’re from—you always have control over the way your life turns out. Your destiny is always in your hands. Because it’s not the circumstances that we come into the world with that end up defining us. It’s the way that we respond to life’s circumstances that ultimately defines us —defines our happiness, success, and
significance in society. So with that being said, you should absolutely make it a habit to repeat this
affirmation to yourself every single day when you wake up in the morning: “I Will Not Be A Victim. I Am In Control Of My Destiny.”
Doing so will make you a victor
throughout any and all circumstances that life sends your way—instead of a victim.


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