10 Ways Ladies Frustrate The Life Of Short Guys


Don’t get this twisted cos I’m not trying to say that being short is a stigma. It’s just the discrepancy between the short and tall dudes.

Lemme keep the ball bouncing…

10 Ways Ladies Frustrate The Life of Short Guys

          1. They are stereotyped “Troublesome”

Yoruba people often say, “eyan kukuru bilisi” meaning “short people are stereotyped aggressive and troublesome”. Though I don’t know if this is scientifically proven but evidence has it that they don’t give up in arguments, they are temperamental people, they won’t hesitate to use cutla$$ on you when they go angry especially when you intimidate them by your height. This notion sometimes make ladies decline us which can be so frustrating.

      2. Ladies Often say Short Guys normally have small Joystick

As funny as it sounds, you might have heard it. A lady once told me that she wouldn’t date me cos short dudes normally have small joystick and that they won’t enjoy it.

       3. Ladies mainly consider Money before dating Short Guys

Let’s not deceive ourselves here. Aki and Paw Paw and other short Nigerian celebrities who bear physical resemblance with dwarf wouldn’t have found it easy to marry if not for their fame, riches and wealth. If a guy is extremely short, he has to strive so hard to make money, if not, ladies no go even look him side at all cheesy

       4. They are unjustly Discriminated

When you woo some ladies that are taller than you are, they will table the matter in the midst of their friends and will be like, “imagine Vizkiz, that short thing wooing me”.

This reminds me of a lady I added on whatsapp. We got chatting and I wooed her. To my surprise she updated her status immediately. “I have no pa$$ion for short dudes”.

     5. Ladies often say their kids will be also short

I’m sure that an average short dude hates to hear this statement. As a short dude, I also get angry when ladies say they can’t marry a short man because their kids may end up being short. I don’t know if this is medically proven but I hate to hear when ladies say they prefer tall dudes to short dudes for the sake of their childrens’ height

       6. They are physically bullied by ladies

Shorts guys are physically maltreated by ladies and are being cla$$ified to the category of the less priviledge especially the broke ones who constantly receive slap from ladies anytime they toast them.

      7. Ladies think Short Dudes are not presentable enough

YES ! Especially when we don’t have to money to compliment our shortness, they feel we are not presentable enough, therefore, they may not consider dating us. Ladies like guys whose stature overshadow theirs.

       8. Ladies place so much emphasis on Tall Dudes

Go and make a research and you would find out that 90% of ladies prefer their men to be taller than them. While the remaining 10% may choose short dudes due to their discretion and circumstances. This is one the frustration we face from the ladies

       9. Ladies stereotype them “Unpredictable”

An average short man can commit murder if he catches his girlfriend with another dude. They are usually unpredictable. A lady who accepts to go into relationship with them must be totally submissive and dare not cheat.

       10. They are seen as impotent guys

Short guys face frustration from ladies in terms of their $exual activities. Ladies believe that they possess short banana( small d**k) and so may not perform well in bed.


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