Topic : 10 methods you can use to catch a cheatng lover red handed




If your partner behavior has started changing, like acting weird , dressing well and taking extra care of his or herself and especially using a new seductive perfume. you should start taking a closer look at his/her activities.

              2. Suprise Visits.

Every now and then go to your partners house uninvited and suprise him/her. Ofcourse make sure you are not caught. If he/she is hiding something then he/she is going to be visibly angry or suprised then there is chance your partner is hiding a secret.

             3. Check his rubbish

The rubbish can is a good place to search for disposed items and it mostly where you can get the clues about his whereabouts and activities. Also check what he is hidding in his computer’s recycle bin often.

         4. Watch his phone

Does he/she take the phone everywhere so as to avoid you having contact with it. Take a good look at who they are calling and with whom they message. it could give you a clear view of what they are doing when you are not around.

          5. Spontaneous $ex

Try to have unplanned $ex when your partner comes home from work, if they avoid it or get angry and pushes you away chances are, he may be exhausted down.
          Follow after a fight

cheat*ng partners will try to start fights and walk away so they could spend time with their co cheater. If your’s is always looking for trouble from nothing then there is a chance they are looking for a reason to walk out the door to their side piece.

        7. Change of sleeping pattern

If they are sleeping habits change overnight, they start staying up longer and using work as an excuse , Pretend you are asleep and when they are off stand and stalk their activities.

                 8. Space

Has He/she started arguing for more space from you and getting fiercely protective about their space recently? it is sure a small warning sign.

            9. Hidden Cameras

To be sure you can place a spycam in their room and monitor his movement  and with whom he is moving in or out when you are not around.

             10. Keyloggers

Keyloggers are a computer software which monitors every input down to a stop in a computer. you can download the apps in your partners phone and keep track of his computer activities and phone logs.


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