Hot :7 Sexy things you can do to drive your man wild in bed


You think you are lagging behind when it comes to driving your partner crazy? Take intimate moments with your partner to the next level with this piercing romantic details
Men are guilty of always wanting penetrative $ex. We mostly see it as the end point but the onus sometimes lie on our women to make us see the beauty that resides in other areas asides the dirty deed. There are certain body parts, moves, positions, and more that drive men insane in bed asides regular $ex and bl0wj*bs. Check them out below.

       1. Get completely nak*d more often.

Despite the common belief that $ex should be an activity reserved to be done in the night, $ex experts are of the opinion that you shouldn’t be too eager to switch the lights off if you really want to get your man going. As you get older, men still get turned on by seeing you completely nak*d. The older a man gets, the less concerned he is about your stomach rolls, bumps, or other parts of your body that you consider as imperfect. He would rather have the lights on because he loves seeing the whole package. Men are stimulated and motivated by seeing their women nak*d. Added to the fact that seeing your entire body will serve as a confidence booster to him too.


      2. Focus your attention on more than just down there.

It would have been about the size of his package down there at the beginning but you need to know that men have other underrated areas. As men grow older, it becomes more difficult for them to sustain their erections and creating more intimacy by exploring other body parts is essential in combating this problem. Slowly building up will help take away some pressure. Learn to graze over his inner thighs, neck, calves, and nipples while having foreplay or $ex. Licking and touching these erogenous zones for a longer period of time can actually help build a greater sense of closeness and attachment for the both of you.

      3. Touch yourself frequently in front of him.

No matter what age your man is, he is open to learning and doing new things inside the bedroom. Even if you’re not touching him, masturbating in front of him is bound to drive him wild. The advantage of this is that you’d be enjoying yourself as much as he is by giving him the pleasure of watching you excite yourself in different ways which he can use to pleasure himself. Basically, both of you will be able to feed off of each others’ excitement, which will make everything explosive and new again.

      4. Get more comfy with  initiating.

Couples get into a monotonous and boring routine of only one person initiating $ex. However, your man wants you to showcase your inner $ex tigress once in a while. Show your man exactly what you are looking for. Men are always on the look out for a great $exual response from women when they do something great in bed. Let him know and feel he has done something great and he’ll love you for that. Yes, women were trained to believe men should be the one to initiate $ex but men secretly love it when you do things against his expectations. Take control and show him how badly you want him.

     5. More cowgirl, less missionary.

The cowgirl position should be considered more not just because he wants to take a break from thrusting which isn’t far from the truth. A recent study found out that men who watch p*rn tend to concentrate more on the faces of the women than on their BR*ASTS of genitals. This could explain why men tend to like the cowgirl position a lot as it affords us the opportunity to see genuine pleasure through facial expression. Your man would love this position as it affords him the opportunity to play with your BR*ASTS with his free hands while also making eye contact.


      6. Give him lingering thoughts before foreplay begins.

Chances are you know you can get your man fantasising about you before playtime by talking dirty to him on the phone. The question here however is how best can you send the message to him? You can do this by sending him erotic text messages while he’s at work. Receiving these dirty thoughts in unexpected, not-so-$exy places will show him that you’re still super turned on by him and crave his $ex. This would boost his confidence and spice up your $ex life.

      7. Personalize your dirty talk.

Your man already gets excited about you when you whisper dirty words in his ears. You can take it a notch higher by calling him by his first name in bed. This serves as a compliment and positive feedback that boosts male ego. It’s best to personalize things to rea$$ure your man that what he is doing is exactly what you want. Use his name or a pet name, it’s usually amazing for men.


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