Topic: SHOCKING! Married Woman Admits To Having S-e.x With Dead Men


A married man of Kenya, dumped his
wife after she admitted to having s-e–
x with dead men in exchange for cash.
The man identified as Ted, said that
his wife Rose, has been sleeping with
dead men for the past 3 years.
The couple has been married for 7
years. When Rose was asked to
describe her marriage, she said it was fine.
The woman was then interviewed on a
radio program, and she admitted to
going to a morgue once a week, in
order to have s-e.x with dead men.
She claimed to be getting money in
exchange for having s-e.x with the
men as part of a ritual. The woman
claimed that she pays an undertaker
to allow her to access the morgue.
Rose complained that her husband
refused to give her any money. Ted
informed his wife that he will file for
a divorce soon.
[Source: WWWN]


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