Topic: Man Damages Pen!s After Injecting Vaseline To Enlarge It, Wife Does THIS [PICTURED]


A man who wanted his pen!s bigger
got more than he bargained for after
he injected vaseline into the organ
and got it damaged rather than
46-year-old Alexandar Djelic of
Serbia, was sentenced to serve seven
years in prison for robbery and while
serving his term, a fellow inmate who
claimed to be a plastic surgeon
suggested the cringe-worthy penis
enlargement process.
“He told me I could inject my
m@nhood with vaseline and this
would pump it up and make it much
larger,” Djelic said.
The self-acclamed plastc surgeon went
ahead and arranged for medical
equipment to be smuggled into the jail
and injected 80 grams of vaseline into
Djelic’s pen!s over a four-day span.
After the procedure, Djelic’s manhood
nearly exploded wth severe pains and
he was rushed to a hospital.
“My genitalia swelled up and I was in
terrible pain.
“The swelling was so bad, the doctors
had to cut away an outer part of my
pen!s so I can urinate. I was put on a
catheter, then got an infection, but
survived the horror,” Djelic said.
When he was finally released from
prison, his wife who could not put up
with her husband due to the severity
of the injuries simply abandoned him
and left the marriage.
WWWN reports that Djelic has already
had several operations to try to repair
the damage, but to no avail.
He said: “My genitals are rotting. My
body is falling apart, and my wife left
me because she could not deal with the
horror, and no one can help me.”
[Source: WWWN]


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