Topic: Klopp: I Feel Sorry For Mourinho


Jurgen Klopp has been in this same position before, and the Liverpool boss has expressed sympathy towards Mourinho who is on the brink of getting sacked at Chelsea.

Reportedly Mourinho could be sacked if he loses to Liverpool today after leading Chelsea to a horrendous title defence. They’re currently 15th after 10 games.

And Liverpool boss, Klopp believes Mourinho can turn it all around, pointing to his own experience with Dortmund.

“I wasn’t interested in what was being said in public last season,” Klopp said of those struggles. “I had a responsibility to the Dortmund fans and players.

“If people didn’t understand our problems, then I didn’t care. You have to rule your own situation.

“Most of the problems are in the press conferences when you have to find the answers. Sometimes you don’t have the time to change things between matches.

“Mourinho isn’t a worse coach than last year. The players aren’t worse than last year. Things happen. I feel for him as I had something similar but it’s not the end of the world. They can still play football and that’s our problem.”


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