Topic : 3 Simple Ways To Lose Belly Fat

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Almost every day of the week, I get questions from many of my subscribers asking me… 

“Coach Olu, Please can you just give me a simple step-by-step advice I can use, starting today to burn fat and lose it very fast”.

And today, I want to share a 3-Step Plan you can use Right away, starting today (this very minute) to lose weight and burn belly fat very fast. 

STEP 1 – Eliminate Sugar and Starch

The first thing you MUST do is to cut down on your intake of excess sugar and starch (carbs) from your diet.

From today onwards, cut off the following foods out of your diet….Sugar, Coke, Fanta, Bitter Lemon, Pepsi, Chin Chin, Gala, chocolate, Puff Puff, Buns, Cake, Pizza, Garri, Pounded Yam, Eba, Starch etc.

These foods stimulates the secretion of insulinwhich is the main fat storage
hormone in the body.

These foods contain sugar and starch in high proportion and a high consumption of these foods is responsible for making you fat.

I know I told you to stay away from starchy food and sugar.  Let me add that there are healthy carbs you can eat, and they include Potatoes, Yam(1-2 slices),  plantain, Oats, Banana, Local rice etc.

STEP 2 – Eat More Vegetables, Protein And Fat

Ensure you eat your meals in a way that it contains a food source of Vegetable, A Protein as well as fat.

Your Vegetable Sources Includes…

Bitter leaf, African Spinach (tete), Kale,Cabbage, Lettuce, Cucumber, Water leaf, Pumpkin (Ugwu), Egg Plant leaf, African Basil, Afang Leaves, Okra, jute leaves (ewedu), Garden Egg, spring onions, red & green pepper, carrots etc.

Your Protein Sources Includes…

Lean beef, beans, egg, skimmed milk, skinless chicken, lean Pork, Lamb, Eggs, Lobster, Crayfish, Shrimps, prawn as well as fish such as: Croaker, Titus, Salmon, Herring, Mackerel, Cat fish, stock fish etc

Your Fat Sources Includes…

Groundnut, cashewnut, hazel nut, walnut, Fish, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Butter, Avocado as well as the Stock water from your boiled chicken, Meat etc

Let your meals contain one option each from these three sources above.

Some examples of meals that contains these 3 sources are….

1. Local rice & Beans 
2. Vegetable Salad  
3. Fish Pepper soup 
4. Boiled Plantain with Vegetable stew etc.

Also, you can include fruits in your daily diet too as snacks when you are hungry. Fruits such as…mango, apple, water melon, lemon, coconut, pear, oranges etc. 


STEP 3 – Exercise 4-5 Times Per Week

Make sure you exercise. You can either register at a gym and use the gym equipment to workout.

For most people, this is not practical, especially if you have a full time job and
you are always busy.

Instead, what you can try is to…

Exercise at home by following a “workout routine” video. You follow the routine on the screen as the person in the video is performing it.

You need to combine different forms of cardio andHigh Intensity Interval Training with workouts suchas squats, lunges, side bends, jumping jacks, runningetc that will help you lose general body fat and also burn off belly fat too.  

If you follow the 3-steps above, your body fat will reduce and you will lose weight easily and fast, and you can start seeing result within 2 – 4 weeks of doing this.

But that is not all…

When you are trying to lose weight, it’s alwayseasier if you get someone that will guide you, motivate you, push you and encourage you to take action.


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