Online Dating How To Get Her To Fall In Love With You Before You Even Meet Her


In the age of social media, it is no surprise that people look to it to find a partner. A lot of people have been able to strike and maintain a relationship with someone they meet online, and you can too. The down side of online dating is that you are left with the challenge of impressing her and getting her to have feelings for you even before you both get a chance to meet. But there are ways around this.

Here are simple tips that can help you attract the online date of your choice and leave her with no choice but to want to meet with you.


1. Create an Impressive Profile: An online profile is basically a first impression for anyone who comes in contact with you and this is the very first step to drawing her attention. Most women are usually bombarded by friend requests and messages, it is while going through all these profiles that they sift through and choose the most promising candidate. Make sure your profile is eye-catching, and even containing some funny elements. Remember, your profile picture should also reflect something you want potential mates to see. For example taking a picture with you being surrounded by alcohol or girls would certainly not help your chances. Try for a casual solo picture of yourself in a comfortable environment (work, school, restaurant, church, home, etc).

2. Be a$$ertive: When you do end up getting a response from someone promising, be a$$ertive in your communication with her. Online dating usually come with a pretty short attention span. It is not like you guys are facing each other with hours to talk about yourselves. As previously mentioned, she probably gets a lot of attention from different guys everyday so try not to be too boring. When communicating with her, do it with a lot of humour and make sure you encourage her to open up about herself. Do not let there be too much of a lull in your conversations.


3. Share Interests: Since this is the part about getting to know each other, make sure you talk about your interests and also keep notes of hers. Talk about places she likes to visit and what she likes to do. Also make sure you point out things you have in common since these would become important subjects for conversations in future.

4. Act Like A Couple: Although you have not met her yet, you can put the idea of being a couple on her head by acting like one. Call her often, be her friend and talk to her when something interesting happens in your life.  Encourage her to also share things with you like how her day went, or what she is up to.


5. Get Romantic: To avoid being labeled as “just an online friend” make sure you chip in a few romantic subjects into your conversation. Let her know you are single, available and willing to pursue something with her. Let her know you consider her as your ideal woman and you enjoy talking with her.


6. Ask Her Out: Do not let too much time pa$$ between when you start conversing online and when you meet her face-to-face. If she starts to have feelings for you while talking with her online, the feelings could easily go away if you do not find your way into her reality as soon as possible. Fix an opportunity for you both to hang out, but do not, under any circumstances, suggest a first date at your house or she would easily discard you as one of those guys who just prowl the internet for $ex, even though that might not be your intention. Choose a neutral location and arm yourself with all the information of her that you have since these are topics you would build on during your date.


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