STORY: Auntie Tope’s itchy distress II (18 )……


She was in her early forties and more than 18years older than me but I never cared! I always had long-lasting erections thinking about her. Many times I had poured my cum just at the thought of holding her breasts which were actually the most beautiful things in her body! Even though I have caught her starring at me a lot of times, I still haven’t really felt she was interested in going in with me. Probably because of the age difference but I was dying within me to see her change her mind.
Mum noticed the crush and had to call me on a certain occasion for explanations during which I starkly denied ever having any interest. Needless to say, her monitoring increased and she rarely ever allowed the two of us in the same rooms for too long. Her constant reference to Aunty Tope as a loose woman was enough to drive home why she would think Aunty Tope could fuck me. I wasn’t seeing the likelihood myself. At least until this moment!
“Be…quichmmmw!!,,” auntie Tope griped again into my hearing. She could talk a little bit more now and her desperation was much more obvious!
I didn’t reply, rather got on my knees and carefully unzipped her fly a bit – revealing part of her yellow cotton panty. My dick twitched that instant! It was just incomprehensible how I had auntie Tope’s panty right under my nose.
I also kept wondering how she could be feeling such itching in her left thigh all of a sudden, as it were! We had been seating and chatting right inside the kitchen while downing a bowl of fried meat mom had prepared, when she suddenly jumped down from the countertop and frantically began to gesture that she needed me to scratch her thigh so bad.
Her hands were oily and had meat in them while I had been eating with a fork – meaning she was likely not going to be able to do it herself. But even when I attempted to scratch her thigh through the denim she was putting on, she refused and instead insisted that I must have to deep my hand into her jean trousers to get it done. Anyways, I went ahead as instructed, but after dropping the denim’s zipper a bit and attempted dipping my hand again, it got stuck just mid-way.


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