Only reason I will go nude – Annette Cookey


In a time when sex sells so hot, many artistes are going over the edge to push their fame, career and fortune with any means necessary in this regard. But not Annette Cookey, a Rivers State-born singer who stole a slice of fame as the third runner-up  at the debut edition of MTN’s Project Fame West Africa.

She said she can never go nude in a film or music video just for the fun of it. Maybe a flash of bra and panties here and there, claims the sexy singer.

She however revealed that she could give it a shot on only one condition.

“Why will I go nude in a music video? Except it’s for charity or to save lives. I don’t think I can go nude. It’s a ‘No’! for  me. I can show a little flesh here and there but to go nude, it has to be for a just cause, maybe saving lives” she declares boldly in a chat with Potpourri.

For guys looking to go beyond the ground floor with the drop dead gorgeous songstress who has taken a break from music to rediscover herself, here are her conditions

“I don’t really have a specifics for men really. Some will say they prefer white men, some will say they prefer dark-skinned men, the list goes on. A man who will love the totality of who I am, who is God-fearing, he should have good looks, and should be able to sing at least a little. I think I should add tall,he should be romantic, make me laugh regardless of his colour or his race”


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